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Video Transcript

I’m a huge breakout fan and when I explain breakouts to my students and to other traders, many people will realize that breakouts are really one of the most important things and concepts in trading and a trader that can master breakouts, we’ll be able to master all trading situations, all price situations and all market phases because breakouts are at the origin of new trends. Breakout, breakouts are the triggers of new trends, breakouts, are the connectors between different trends. And that’s really, really important to understand, between a downtrend as we’ve seen here and an uptrend, usually you will see a range market and the range markets can have many different forms as we will see during the phase of this video. And a breakout is then the trigger point of the new trending phase. So the pattern is connecting the downtrend to the uptrend. And at the core of the pattern, when the pattern is triggered, it is usually with a breakout.


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