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Video Transcript


Let’s get into the eight price action strategies that I picked for this video. And we are starting with a one, two or three pattern, which is very famous, very popular, and it can build a robust foundation for further price analysis. So when we look at any price chart, we usually look at trending markets and we try to understand trending markets and we can understand the one, two or three pattern, or we can understand price action in the context of the one, two, three pattern very, very effectively. So in this one I marked several one, two or three price movements. And we have talked about those when we, when we look into Fibonacci’s and Fibonacci’s retracements and every star, every trend can usually be described in its initial wave or in its initial form with a one, two, three starting points.


So at a new uptrend starts at the bottom, then it has its first up trending leg comes to the end at point 2 and then the first retracemen...

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