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I compiled a few very, very interesting chart studies that will help you understand supply and demand zones and find them in your own trading. So, when it comes to finding supply and demand areas, I use a very, very straightforward approach. And what I do is I look for strong trending moves and the trend really has to be very, very strong. This is the first criteria. The second criteria is that a little bit, and this happens very often, a little bit away from the top or the bottom um, on the bottom, when we look for an uptrend, as we will see later on, usually there’s often a small first consolidation happening. This is very, very common market behavior. So you have the origin and you have the top of the trend or the top of the price move,


then you have an initial small move. You have a consolidation and then a very, very strong breakout away from the consolidation. And in here is then your supply and demand area. You have usually one, two, thre...

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