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With a slowdown usually being observed in the forex markets during the summer months, this could be the best time to take a break from trading. Trying to trade in low volatility and low liquidity market conditions can lead to trading mistakes, with emotions dictating trading decisions. Perhaps this could be a great time to take a vacation that brings you back when the markets pick up with renewed vigor and a whole new understanding of forex trading. So, don’t just head to the beach alone, take with you some of the best-selling trading books.


1.   “Forex Trading: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms” by Jim Brown

This one is a great book for beginners because it provides an understanding of the basics of forex trading. It includes one of the author’s trading systems and the indicators used. What makes this book great is that all the principles and concepts are explained in a very simple and concise manner. There are also examples of possible situations that traders might fa...

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