In the dark forest of the online brokerage market a little light is very usefull. In this broker review you will read about the best brokers in the market. Plus500 is a “contract for difference” provider (Your capital may be at risk). They have you pay zero commissions and gain their profit from the spread, stating that that is enough to cover their expenses. Goptions, 24Option and Interactive Option are binary options brokers and offer a way of trading where YOU can dtermine how much money (thus risk) you are willing to trade with. Even 60 second trades are possible. Exciting, isn’t it?

Final brokers eToro and Zulutrade. Zulutrade is not a broker actually. It is a service provider providing the possibilty to follow the best professional traders in the market and copy the trades they make to your broker account. In order to use this system a supported broker is neccesary. All are Forex Brokers, Zulutrade is the only one offering just forex trading. All others also offer commodities and stocks and shares.

Stock Broker Review

There can be only one reason why you are looking for stock broker review: you are interested in becoming a trader. Nowadays the internet is the best place to be when it comes to trading. All traders provide an online portal where you can place your buy and sell orders. I will review three online stock brokers for you, click the name in the top 6 for an extended review:

  1. Easy-Forex (Currencies and Gold, Silver, Oil & other energy commodities)
  2. Plus500 CFD Service (Currencies, shares, commodities, ETF, indices, ..)
  3. eToro (Currencies, stocks, commodities, indices)
  4. GOptions (Binary options: Currencies, stocks, commodities, indices)
  5. Interactive Options (Binary options: Currencies, stocks, commodities, indices)
  6. 24Option (Binary options: Currencies, stocks, commodities, indices)
  7. Zulutrade (Forex. Not a real broker, providing a copy trading service)

There is major difference in these three. Plus500 is a so called CFD-broker: Contract for difference. 24Option is an online broker with whom you can trade binary options with. Zulutrade is a broker which lets you trade automatically and therefor watches what the big traders do to copy their trades. These three online stock brokers will be reviewed and explained here. Have fun reading.

Easy-Forex Review

Since 2003 this company called Easy-Forex has been currency trading in over 150 countries and specializes in online forex. Easy-Forex released currency trading as a consumer product and continues to lead with the customized technology and personal service tailored to all levels of traders, e.g. from novice to professional. Gold, Silver, Oil & other energy commodities are also traded with Easy-Forex.

Easy-Forex’ brand value is PETE. This is short for Professional, Easy, Transparent, Exciting. They focus on the only person who counts: the client. You! FX market looks difficult and complicated, only for the big boys. They make is easy and accessible, allowing anyone to be part of the big game. Easy-Forex feels the excitement of FX trading. They bring the excitement to you! In a competitive world they are devoted to creativity and constant innovative to increase benefit to you. Truth and transparency will always guide their behaviour. They claim not to hide anything from the clients, least of all the truth.

Easy-Forex Unique Sellingpoints

  • CySec regulated
  • Personal account service managers provide training and extend client lifetime
  • VIP traders get direct access to a highly professional personal dealer
  • Proprietary online, desktop and mobile platforms that can be accessed with a single account
  • Retention incentives develop loyalty and turn traders into fans
  • Multiple trading assets including over 50 currencies, gold, silver, oil and indices
  • A fair and transparent trading environment that reduces the traders costs
  • A vast variety of tools to help traders make important trading decisions, from market news and analysis to trading tips and strategies.


Plus500 Review

Plus500 CFD service is a broker service specialized in the online stock trading market. is a Plus500 customer and is using their stock trading software on the following devices:

  • Personal computer (website)
  • Personal computer (application)
  • iPad 4
  • Samsung Android Phone
  • Samsung Android Tablet

Trades are done easily and quite fast. The apps are easy to use and you can deposit or withdraw money from within the app. They use the colors white and blue wich make it easy to read. Plus500 offers almost every market you can trade on and a lot of different forex’. Plus500 CFD service call themselves The World Trading Machine. More info regarding how the technical details can be found here. If you need to know more about the difference between Plus500 and other brokers, please check this grid. Plus500 offers commission free trading. You can find a brief overview right here and here. In the next part of this online stock broker review we will zoom in on 24Option with their binary option trading system. Best of all: Plus500  Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909) Click here if you want to sign up with a DEMO account for Plus500.

Plus500 Unique Selling Points

  • Multi platform
  • Free demo account
  • Get 25€ to trade, T&Cs apply
  • Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909)
  • Tool with charts and indicators
  • All assets

‘Your capital is at risk’

eToro Review

eToro is considered one of the most reputable brokers. Its services are now provided by RetailFX, a company authorized by Consob. It has many years of experience and uses proven technology and reliable. eToro is an excellent operator for professionals. The company seems to refer specifically to new traders. The broker aims at sharing information, not only in the sense of news and analysis, but also among the traders. It also offers “eToro OpenBook”, the evolution of the classic trading platform that integrates a mirror trading system to copy the efficacy of other experienced traders who use a real account. In this way, if you want to follow a particular trader which is considered good because of a historical sound. With just a few clicks you can see, follow and copy operations, all this with only 20 dollars as a first time depositor

Go to the eToro Download section for more information.

GOptions Review

GOptions online brokerage firm has been in the business since 2009 and their focus has always been offering an unmatched number of services for binary options traders. Their first goal is to provide a customer service of the highest level. The management team consists of both customer service professionals and traders with trading in their blood.

GOptions state that they can rely on a solid customer base due to the strong customer service. Next to that GOptions offer an online trading system which you can use without previous trading experience. They offer a payout up to 90% when trading standard binary options and they offer every trader a loss insurance.

  • High pay-outs with Ladder options
  • Cancel trade
  • Automated trading
  • Close early trade (stop loss) or buy me out
  • Traders choice (see what other traders are doing)
  • Roll over
  • Options builder
  • Free charts
  • Economic calendar
  • Video’s, ebook, training
  • Free demo after deposit

Interactive Options Review

Interactive Option is one of the world leaders in online binary option trading, due to its high standards. I highly skilled staff with a combined experience of over 200 years in the finance sector managed to establish a business and a name in the biggest economic capitals mentioned in the first sentence of this broker review.

The Unique Selling Points for Interactive Option are:

  • 100% Bonus on your first deposit
  • 3 Risk free trades
  • Free trading signals for every trader!
  • Islamic Trading account
  • EU regulated

24Option Review

Since 24Option are regulated in the European Union by CySEC they have to follow a vast set of rules to keep this rating. That makes this one of the brokers of our choice. Almost all brokers on are regulated, that is one of our demands to the brokers in order to let them in on our website.

The 24Option Trading Platform Being secure and user-friendly, the 24Option trading platform provides its users a fast, easy and enjoyable trading experience. Trading easily starts on the main dashboard of the platform trading page. There are four different types of options which can be chosen.

  • CySec Regulated
  • Video’s, ebook, training
  • Most assets available to trade
  • Mobile site
  • 17 languages available
  • Multi platform: smartphone, tablet, pc
  • Free demo account

24Option have a bad bonus structure. For example: Opening an account with 24option with $5000 requires a trade volume of $250,000 worth of binary options to get credited with $2500 cash, available for immediate withdrawal.

Zulutrade Review

Despite the name Zulutrade it is not located in Africa, but in Athens, the capital of Greece. Zulutrade offers you a perfect working system to trade forex automatically! Basically you sign up at ZuluTrade (Recommended!) You open a free demo account with a balance of $ 50,000 USD fictitious, or open an account “Live” for real and start using real money. Once in the admin panel staff you just have to do is to choose the forex signal providers that you want to follow trades, based on the wide range of data on the overall offer. Zulutrade will operate immediately trades on the basis of the signals selected in your account. The only thing to do is choose the amount of the capital employed and sit back and observe the results.

It is possible to choose to trade immediately, following the signs to one particular vendor or by multiple vendors. Hint: start with a single or two traders profit low risk first. It ‘a completely free service. No entry fee, no monthly or annual fee. The only cost is included in the spread, but choosing the right signal providers and beginning to make substantial profits it is difficult to notice this small additional cost. So, to summarize, ZuluTrade is essentially a forex signals service that allows you to manage your personal portfolio forex trading signals controlling traders preselected. Does not require any active participation in trading operations: you simply choose the best forex signal providers and leave (and hope!) That automatically accumulates huge profits. The real value of ZuluTrade is the immense number of signal providers of real high quality on the platform, and it is in the interest of the best traders provide valuable and profitable signals in order to make money on ZuluTrade. Read more about  Zulutrade in this article.

If you made your desicion and will sign up with one of the brokers above, please send me an email. In return I will send you a 50% discount coupon for the ebook webshop! Happy trading! But remember, profits in the past are not a guarantee for the future! Trade without emotions, this will help making the best choice. Read our Risk Disclosure.

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Online Stock Broker Review
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