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The next chapter of the Brexit debacle was reached on Thursday, as the U.K. prime minister May scuttled off to Brussels, in an attempt to negotiate an extension, to the March 29th leave date. She wanted June 30th, the Council appears unwilling to grant such an extension, given it would indirectly compel the U.K. to engage in the European members of Parliament elections.

The latest reports appear to suggest that the E.C. and it’s members are considering only giving an extension up to April 11th, or at the most May 22nd. However, any extension is conditional on May obtaining a positive vote and consensus through Parliament, for the withdrawal agreement. The next vote, MV3, is yet to be scheduled, it’ll have to be held before Friday 29th, if not then the U.K. simply crashes out, by default. On Thursday the main high impact calendar event relating to the U.K. involved the Bank of England announcing the base rate was remaining at 0.75%, whilst delivering forward guidance relating to the too...

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