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Kiwi Leads Risk Assets On Positive Global Developments

High-risk assets including the New Zealand and Australian dollar continue to trade on good footing on Monday, rolling on from last week’s strong economic data.

Kiwi pushes higher in an attempt to break last weeks high of 0.6783, whereas Aussie, a little lagging, telegraphs some of this sentiment, albeit higher up than the 70c. mark.

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Meanwhile, of all commodity pairs, the Canadian dollar came under pressure only recently as oil bulls seem to be taking some profits off the markets. USDCAD could be heading for a fresh multi-day high provided the oil slide continues.

Pound Lower As Markets Price In Borris Win

The British pound is the worst performer so far on Monday. The possibility of a no-deal with Boris’ leadership and increased tensions between the UK and Iran pushed GBPUSD down to $1.2450 from a daily high of $1.2518.

The pound is likely t...

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