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Considered, with good reason, the most important and best forex auto trading platform in the world, ZuluTrade, founded in 2007, is headquartered in Athens, Greece, with branches in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and 70 employees. ZuluTrade has more than 20,000 customers trading in its online network, and a trading volume close to $ 150 billion each year.

So, what is it in the first place?

ZuluTrade is basically a platform that brings together some of the best suppliers of forex signals from all over the world. Zulutrade monitors the performance of each signal provider with an excellent level of detail and allow ordinary traders to operate according to the signals provided by the best traders, who are selected and saved to your account.

ZuluTrade How does it work?

Basically you sign up at ZuluTrade (Recommended!) You open a free demo account with a balance of $ 50,000 USD fictitious, or open an account “Live” for real and start using real money. Once in the admin panel staff you just have to do is to choose the forex signal providers that you want to follow trades, based on the wide range of data on the overall offer. Zulutrade will operate immediately trades on the basis of the signals selected in your account. The only thing to do is choose the amount of the capital employed and sit back and observe the results.

It is possible to choose to trade immediately, following the signs to one particular vendor or by multiple vendors. Hint: start with a single or two traders profit low risk first. It ‘a completely free service. No entry fee, no monthly or annual fee. The only cost is included in the spread, but choosing the right signal providers and beginning to make substantial profits it is difficult to notice this small additional cost.

So, to summarize, ZuluTrade is essentially a forex signals service that allows you to manage your personal portfolio forex trading signals controlling traders preselected. Does not require any active participation in trading operations: you simply choose the best forex signal providers and leave (and hope!) That automatically accumulates huge profits. The real value of ZuluTrade is the immense number of signal providers of real high quality on the platform, and it is in the interest of the best traders provide valuable and profitable signals in order to make money on ZuluTrade.

Overall ZuluTrade service is recommended at all (apart from those who want to do personally and directly trading operations, of course) and is recommended at least the opening of a demo account so you can try the many companies providing signals using However, fake money, just before risking / invest your personal, real capital.

Tips for a better use of Zulutrade

Anyone who comes to as a user, ie the beneficiary of signals, which is the most common situation for those who subscribe to will need a little ‘time to select the providers (suppliers of signals).

The first tip is to use a demo account to study the movements of the provider in a reasonably long period of time (at least 20 days) and be wary of those who Zulutrade defines the “top”. Better, in order to plan a winning strategy for medium-term note providers from lower yields but constant over time, pay attention to DrowDown that should obviously be as low as possible. Another important tip: check how long the provider has been chosen as an expert provider: the longest, the better.


What is the difference between the STANDARD account and the MINI account?

Basically a division made according to the size of the deposit and, above all, the amount of transactions you want to make: to open a standard account requires a minimum deposit of $ 10,000 USD for a mini account are enough $ 1,000 USD. The same proportion to the value of the transaction: for transactions over $ 10,000 USD you have to open a standard account.

Is it possible to make manual trades as well as those automated? There is a danger of conflict between the operations? Frequent doubt, but Zulutrade is clear in informing you can do manual operations without these conflict with those automated.


ZuluTrade: Review
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