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What Happened Theresa?

Once again, Theresa May has suffered a heavy parliamentary defeat. The PM’s amended Brexit bill was defeated, this time by a margin of 149 votes. This was down from the original 230, showing at least some progress.

However, May’s efforts were not enough, and the country is now staring down the barrel of even greater uncertainty.

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What Next?

The result is not necessarily the terrible outcome that tabloid media would have you believe. May had announced prior to this second vote that should it fail, MPs would be called upon to vote again today, on March 13th

Today’s vote will be to determine whether the government should press ahead with a no-deal Brexit. Should the MPs vote against a no-deal, they will vote again tomorrow, Thursday March 14th. Tomorrow’s vote will be to decide whether to ask the EU for an extension to the Article 50 process.

Article 50 Extensio...

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