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US Faces Continued Uncertainty

The US Index closed towards the low 93’s yesterday after rising for two days amidst positive PMI data.

Further uncertainty remains over the lack of progression on a new US coronavirus relief bill. Talks are expected to take their toll at the end of the week while 25mil unemployed people continue to weigh down on the dollar.

Eurozone Upbeat With PPI Results

The euro closed higher against the greenback on Tuesday, remaining above the 1.18 handle. The pair looks to be reversing the losses sustained at the back end of last week.

With the recent PPI data being revealed, industrial activity across the eurozone increased for the first time since January 2019.

Pound Keeps its Footing, but for How Long?

The pound closed indecisively again over the US dollar as doubts over the deadline for Brexit talks remain high.

The Prime Minister’s hope of people working back at their offices has faded as large firms imply that they will allow employees to keep working fr...

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