Where most binary option brokers offer a 70 percent pay-out on 60 second binary options, Redwood Options offers a high pay-out of 81%. In times of instable markets, like now, traders lay their focus more on the binary options trading system. Redwood Options is great partner in that and currently offers new traders a 100% bonus.

Redwood Options Review

Redwood binary options always offer a fixed pay-out which is determined before a contract is opened. Trading binary options is extremely simple and fun!
Redwood is offering its traders a set of tools to start trading the binary options in the financial market. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider signing up with Redwood Options:

  • 100% Web based binary options trading platform, so now software downloads required.
  • No experience in trading needed
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free eBook
  • Huge selection of assets to trade, like: stocks, commodities, indices and currencies.
  • UNIQUE: even when the option expires out of the money you get a 10% REFUND back in your account! ->

Redwood Options Review: Option Types

Something cool is going on with Redwood Options: they have migrated the trading platform to SPOTOPTION2. This means some very cool features are available!

Next to the common binary options, high/low, boundary/range options and 60 second option, Redwood options now also offers….. LADDEROPTIONS! This is really cool since GOptions offer them since a while and they really stood out of the binary options brokers crowd.

Now, since Redwood Option is migrated to this new platform, they might be a better choice than GOptions. Both brokers offer their traders ladder options and iFollow/Spot Follow, the social trading system. But, Redwood Options has something else: refer-a-friend-for-a-bonus. If you refer a friend to the trading platform and this friend opens an account and funds it with $200, the both of yuou get $50 for free in your account. More info at

Redwood Options Review: Features

The Buy-Me-Out feasture is a unique feature in trading binary options with Redwood and offers traders the option to embed a stop/loss strategy by selling for a fixed price.

The profit in this depends on a few things: how far is the option from the strike price, how far is the option away from the expiry time in minutes.

With the Buy-Me-Out feature you can either secure your profit or limit the loss in trading binary options.

When you are close to the expiry time, Redwood Options offers you to copy and open a similar position again. This is done with the Double Up feature and makes is possible to trade again the position on the same conditions with expiry time, amount invested and asset. You can double your profit in a nick of time!

Double Up Benefits:

  • Increase your investment on open positions
  • Make double the profit on expiry
  • Immediately capitalize on a strong position

Another feature every broker should have is the Rollover feature. When your open position is about to expire out of the money, i.e. you will lose the trade, you can choose to move the expiry time forward and is available 10 minutes before expiry.

This is not free of charge. You have to invest another 30% in the position, but when the odds are with you before the new expiry time, you will benefit from another 30% extra pay-out.

Rollover Benefits:

  • Postpone the option’s expiry time
  • Utilize a powerful stop loss strategy
  • Get 30% higher returns when your option expires in the money for an added 30% investment
  • Turn loss into gain with time on your side
  • The Roll over is available up to 10 minutes before the Expiry

Downside: the Rollover feature is only allowed to be used only one per position and not available for end of day trades.

Redwood Options Deposit

The maximum amount depends on the deposit method used:

  1. Credit card – USD $5,000
  2. Wire – Unlimited
  3. Skrill (Moneybookers)- Unlimited

*Please speak to support about alternative deposit methods and amounts.

The Minimum Deposit Amount is:

The minimum deposit amount is EUR 200 or USD 200, depending on the currency of choice in your account.

Please note that minimum deposit amount is dependent upon deposit method.

Redwood Options Review: Conclusion

Offering traders a daily market review, courses, eBook and an Academy, Redwood Options is a binary options broker for traders who are new to the market. Redwood Options takes new traders by the hand and leads the way in the world of trading binary options and the financial market. With breaking headlines with financial news, the website and binary options trading platform of Redwood Options gives you updates with the speed of light so you can setup your very own trading strategies if you want.

The chat app on the Redwood Options website is easy accessible and easy to use. The friendly employee know his way around the program and understand how a new trader is in need of help.

Redwood Options Review