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Q4 European GDP

The week is going to close with a bang for euro traders.

There is a host of economic data coming out in the morning that routinely riles up the markets. Key among them is the much anticipated quarterly GDP figures from Germany and then the entire eurozone.

With the ECB more focused on supporting the economy lately, the data could give us some insight into potential policy changes over the rest of the semester.

Recently, EBC head Lagarde expressed some pessimism about the prospects of Europe’s economy. This was followed by poor industrial production data out of Germany.

So will the bad news continue?

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What We Are Looking For

Germany reports its GDP before European trading gets underway.

Although we get more data later in the day, the quarterly change in German GDP generally sets the tone for the market’s performance. This is because Germany is the largest country in the eurozone.

The consensus o...

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