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July Retail Sales

You would think that with a huge spike in unemployment in the United States, it would be easy for businesses to find employees.

However, according to the NFIB, the largest small-business lobbying bureau, it seems to be the opposite.

37% of small businesses in America report that finding qualified employees is their largest challenge. This is especially true in the construction sector.

What’s Going On?

Unemployment figures peaked in May and have been descending ever since. However, a substantial number of people need to be classified as unemployed in order to receive federal and state COVID benefits.

As politicians haggle over whether or not to extend the benefits, President Trump has taken unilateral action of questionable legality to extend some of the benefits.

The question is now: how will that impact potential worker behavior? President Trump’s executive order cut the controversial weekly benefit payment to $400. In addition, fewer people will be eligible.

State partici...

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