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July Australian Jobs

Coming up we have some key figures that routinely jog the Aussie and Kiwi.

These are the first employment figures from Australia that have the full effect of the RBA’s back-to-back rate cut, so investors are going to be just as keen as the central bank to see if the policy is having an effect. And, if so, how much?

Governor Lowe has made it quite clear that he believes further reductions in the unemployment rate are necessary to boost inflation back to where the bank wants it. With the RBA open to further cuts (and the market pricing in at least one more for the rest of the year) employment figures are likely to have an impact on the markets going forward.

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Looking Ahead and Around

As usual, this one of the last major economic figures for the month. Therefore, based on what we get overnight, we could see the fundamental trend set. Attention is on Australia’s largest trade partner, China, out of ...

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