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There are a lot of expectations about employment figures out of the UK. But, unfortunately, an official measure of the coronavirus’ impact on the jobs market in the UK is going to have to wait a bit. The reason being is because tomorrow we get the release of jobs data from February. There is a month-and-a-half lag in the publication of official figures. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore the results.

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For over a year, despite the ups and downs of Brexit and a General Election, the unemployment rate in the UK has remained fairly consistent around 3.8%. That is about to change, and rather dramatically, if the projections of analysts turn out.

What We Are Looking For

The key to this data is to look for any potential impact on the employment situation before the UK locked down. Let’s not forget that in February there were rumors of potential supply problems and slowing demand from the Far East. The unemployment si...

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