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pfizer stocks

Shares in US pharmaceutical company Pfizer are trading around 0.5% lower pre-market on Tuesday, extending the losses seen across recent days. Indeed, the sell-off comes despite news this week that Pfizer’s joint clinical trials with German firm BioNTech have produced positive results so far. The two bio firms announced in July that they had begun trialing a pair of COVID-19 vaccinations. This week they gave the first update on the initial results.

11,000 Currently Tested

Pfizer declared that, alongside its partner, it had progressed 11,000 people in the late stages of the clinical trial. Patients have been receiving 40 micrograms of the BNT162B2 drug at a dosage of 30 micrograms.

So far, participants in the trial, aged between 18 and 55, displayed antibody concentrations which were 3.8 higher than those seen in convalescent patients seven days past the second does. Concentrations were 1.6 times higher in those aged 65-85.

The drug being trialed was selected at the end of July from a gr...

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