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Ahead of his meeting later this week with EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has warned EU leaders that the Labour party will be forced to vote against PM May’s “bad” Brexit deal.


Khan Calls For Second Referendum

Khan echoed his earlier calls for a second referendum on Brexit this week following the People’s Vote march which took place in London over the weekend and saw around 700,000 protestors calling for a second referendum.

Tory whips have expressed their optimism that enough Labour MP’s will support May’s Brexit bill that any opposition in Labour will be outmatched. Indeed, Barnier is reported to have told Jeremy Corbyn recently that supporting the deal would not bind any future government’s hands.

However, in his meeting with Barnier, Khan is expected to highlight his party’s opposition to the free trade deal which May is currently negotiating with the EU. Khan believes that such a deal will see trade barriers established due to t...

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