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The crucial European Summit held this week, intended to agree on a solution to the Irish Border issue and pave the way for a special Brexit summit in November to confirm the details of the UK’s withdrawal agreement, has ended without progress.


“Nothing New”

The head of Belgian parliament told reporters that during UK PM May’s presentation to EU leaders, the British premier offered “nothing new” while Antonio Tajani said that May’s message was one of “goodwill” but was short on substance. As a consequence, European leaders have reportedly told ordered officials to step up their preparations for a “no-deal” Brexit and the chaotic fall out which could ensue.

However, EU leaders have reportedly left the potential for a further summit in November, open, which will come as welcome news for May who will be glad of the extra time. The UK PM is still under heavy pressure from Brexiteers who feel that she has conceded too much as well as pressure form Remainers who are concerned tha...

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