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11th Hour Talks

Ahead of the EU summit deadline this week the UK’s Brexit secretary Dominic Raab headed to Brussels for important talks aimed at resolving the issue of the Irish border. However, talks reportedly failed to deliver a solution and the market is now fearful that the two sides will be unable to agree on a solution, which will lead to a no deal Brexit.


The UK PM continues to insist that any solution needs to avoid the creation of a new border in the Irish sea which would require customs checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from the UK. The DUP, which is the conservative party’s partner in government, has been ferocious in its declaring its opposition to such a move and has vowed to cause significant disruption if May were to back such a move.

May is instead looking for a temporary situation where the whole of the UK stays in the single customs union over the Brexit transition period. However, the EU has so far said that it will only allow Northern Ireland...

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