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brexit theresa may

The level of uncertainty linked to the ongoing Brexit negotiations is reaching fever pitch as the European Summit, by which time the UK PM is to present a new solution to the Irish border issue, is fast approaching next week.


Indeed, many key UK political figures are voicing their concerns over the severity of the issue with Gordon Brown saying that the UK is at risk of “being permanently paralyzed by seemingly irreparable divisions.” These comments echo those of former UK PM John Major who said, during the referendum campaign in 2016, that an exit from the EU could “tear apart” the UK.

May Wants To Hold On To Union

During the course of these negotiations, May has continued to declare her love for the UK which she calls both her “beloved union” and, more recently, her “precious union”.  But, with the DUP threatening to disable the coalition government if May presses ahead with any plans including a check on goods entering Northern Irelands from mainland Britain and vice versa. Thus, t...

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