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The US didn’t start taking stringent measures against the pandemic till around mid-March. The rest of the world, on the other hand, had been sounding the alarms for weeks. 

The true impact of the virus on job numbers will appear in April’s report. But, nevertheless, the March numbers will start pointing to the tough times ahead.

The upcoming NFP report could indicate that since 2010, this will be the first time the US economy has lost jobs.

These numbers are expected to deteriorate stupendously in the coming months.

March Finally Ends 

Most will be glad to see the month of March finally ending. It certainly has been brutal to every aspect of life.

Financial markets crumbled like a house of cards and even at present, they are gasping for breath.

Beginning the new month with the nonfarm payroll, investors and traders alike will be closely watching the release. This report will show just how much things have changed on the employment front in the largest economy of the world.

The expectat...

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