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microsoft stocks

Outages Cause Concern

Microsoft users continue to experience issues accessing the company’s cloud network. This is now the second week of disruption to parts of the Microsoft cloud network.

Last week, a significant Azure Active Directory authentication issue impacted users on a global scale. Later in the week, European and Indian customers were affected by an exchange/outlook issue. This has continued with a number of different regions noting a lack of access to exchange, outlook, teams, and share-point.

Indeed, Microsoft issued a warning this week to its Office 365/Microsoft 365 customers, notifying them that they might experience residual issues. Among these issues, Microsoft highlighted access to the admin center as well as syncing between Outlook mobile and desktop as key flashpoint areas.

Solid Q2 Earnings Beat

Microsoft shares have been broadly higher this year. They have recovered from the lows seen during the pandemic around 132 to trade highs of 232. However, as of writing, sh...

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