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microsoft stocks

Shares in Microsoft are trading a little higher ahead of the US open on Monday. The company’s stock price was broadly higher over recent months though price action has been choppy. As of writing, Microsoft shares are still off the 2020 highs recorded above the 230 level in September.

System Error Fixed

The company has been grappling with a series of issues recently. The most notable is a bug within the Microsoft 10 operating system. It caused users’ computers to continually reboot.

Microsoft identified the problem as being due to the Local Authority Subsystem Service crashing, forcing a restart of the user’s computer. The LASS program is responsible for security policy and keeping the security log updated. The program also logins and passwords.

Upgrade Issues

The company has recently warned users about the need to upgrade operating systems. It was last year that Microsoft ended support for Windows 7. They informed users that they needed to upgrade to Windows 10. Howev...

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