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Happy Monday traders,

I want to start a new weekly series where I help you with getting ready for the new trading week. I see too often that traders lack structure and good processes which then makes good trading impossible.

In our premium membership, I share a complete market breakdown and my best setups for the weeks in our private forum. The new freely available article series on our blog is designed to complement the breakdown and help you become aware of important developments and price levels.


Technicals and fundamentals

Geopolitical tensions loomed over the Forex market at the end of the last week, although the Syria situation started only escalating on the weekend. Surprisingly, the markets don’t seem to care so far.

The USD/JPY is a good measure for risk sentiment and risk perception but it mostly stayed unchanged in the lights of an upcoming NAFTA agreement and less aggressive statements from Trump regarding China and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The USDJPY opened sl...

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