Magnum Options offer a sleek, simple web based platform to trade binary options. Trading becomes easier with and their top of the line mobile application, standard to all users; enabling traders with the ease and convenience to trade anywhere at any time whilst keeping up to date on the latest in their stats and the market.

Magnum Options Review

This first-class Platform is 100% web based and a great trading experience for all levels of traders. Magnum Options provides a wide range and variety of 61 globally underlying assets for their users to trade on:

  • 19 stocks,
  • 7 commodities,
  • 12 currency pairs,
  • 19 indices

The expiry times for most assets are hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly! This convenient range of timings is one of the best features we liked about this broker.

Their returns are competitive, representing 65-81% on trades; a high return compared to other platforms. Additionally, they provide a return for “out-of-the-money” options, at a bonus percentage of the initial trade price; something not seen by many other brokers in the market, and gives a return even when you make a miscalculated trade.

Whether you are an expert in binary options, experienced in other forms of online trading, or completely new to the game and want the tools and support you need to learn the ropes, you probably understand how critical it is to work with tools you’re comfortable with, get the help and advice you need, which enable you to make informed methodical trades, and of course profitable ones. Probably one of the simplest, easiest and most straight forward platforms in the industry, This broker appeals to all traders, from the more experienced to the novice. Even the user interface is simple and easy to understand and you have access to all of the data and tools you need to enter the financial trading world with a bang.

In regards to educational tools and support, this is where Magnum Options really stands out from the crowd. We all know how important it is to have the support you need when trading with an online broker. Whether your novice or pro the more support you get with your platform and your market, the faster you will be able to cash in on your trades. Unlike many other binary options companies who just have salesmen reading from a well-crafted script; The company has an experienced team of bilingual binary options traders from all different backgrounds to assist you throughout you’re trading with them. And you won’t receive this just at initial deposit
and then be left in the dark; you can take advantage of their advice, e-books and strategies anytime, anywhere. You may even be so lucky as to squeeze a tip-off on their opinion of the best daily trade within the current market!

With five unique, specially built trading platforms for each different form of trading they offer, traders can select the one that best suits their particular trading style and risk management abilities, whether that be Bullish or Bearish.

5 Different Types Of Trades with Magnum Options

60 Second: Like any other trading mode Magnum Options features, but with time sensitive characteristics which allow you to enjoy the shortest options that are available today, and potentially walk away with more profit in one day than some traditional trading methods allow you to make in a month! Simply pace your trade position as a call or a put, and the short 60 seconds trade begins!

Binary Options: A trading method that pays out at a predetermined and fixed amount by simply, predicting if the value of an underlying asset will go up or down (Put / Call).

One Touch: Get a pre-determined fixed payout once the price of the underlying asset reaches or surpasses a predetermined level. To receive this payout your asset must touch or surpass the predetermined level just once within the lifetime of the trade – Hence the name “One Touch”.  It’s that simple!

Ladder Options: my favorite binary options type is ladder options. The highest payouts in the market are with ladder options: up to 1500%! Also read our special article about ladder options.

Pairs trading: compare two assets with each other. Which one will outperform the other? Take positions..and GO!

Long term binary options: how long is a long term binary options Magnum Options? Even up to 10 months! I am not sure if this is a good investment. It might be very difficult to predict a binary options over such a long term.

Magnum Options Website

Every aspect of the website is easy to use with enough explanative information to get you on the path to professional trading, money making, success. The Website is clean cut and the banking page, account page and demo are straightforward. For the non-English speakers, the fact the site offers display in Italian and German also makes it a highly beneficial and appealing platform for trading. That in conjunction with their fast withdrawal timing system, superior educational tools and support team which seem to come second to none, among other characteristics, collectively result in a new binary options broker that has mastered the binary options industry.

Special features:

  • High returns – up to 81%
  • Six different types of options trading
  • Clean, simple to use site, pages and tools
  • Superior educational support team and tools
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 150+ Tradable assets
  • “Close Now” and “Extend” features

Based in British Anguilla, offering easy funding, intuitive platform, swift withdrawals and hassle free experience we highly recommend joining, both for novice and experienced traders.


Magnum Options Review