Trading Binary Options with the help of a professional trading support team. That is what Magnum Options promise their customers. This Binary Options Reviews page pretty much explaines why Magnum Options are the best broker for options trading nowadays. Here you can read another online stock brokers review.

Magnum Options Benefits

Briefly, these are the eight benefits you encounter when trading stock options with

  1. 100% FREE ACCOUNT
  2. High returns with Ladder options
  3. Educational tools en support: VIP Academy
  4. Six different types of trades
  5. No commissions, no intermediaries
  6. Online support (with a Bonus Feature!)
  7. Options expiring every 3 minutes

In the following paragraphs the 8 benefits are explained with more details. Kindly check this video:



Magnum Options does not charge you for trading with their platform. Stock options can be traded free of commissions unlike certain other options trading brokers. Binary Options Trading with Magnum Options means that you, the trader, can fully invest the money you want to instead of calculating the costs and scalp that off the profit you would like to make.

This is an overview of the most popular trading accounts:

Bonus: 25%
Starter webinars
Educational Videos
Digital Online eBook
Bonus: 30%
Starter webinars
Educational Videos
Digital Online eBook
Courtesy call from a market analyst
Market Reviews via email
Bonus: 50% + 1 free trade
Starter webinars
Educational Videos
Digital Online eBook
Courtesy call from a market analyst
Market Reviews via email
Account Manager
Academy Sessions: 1

High Returns

Magnum Options provides a wide range and variety of over 60 underlying assets for their users to trade on. Enabling even the novice of option trading users to grow their account revenue and receive returns as high as 81% on investments.

Bonus: depending on the user’s opening account lever traders can receive anywhere from 20% to 100% bonus on their funds, givin them a determined budget of risk free trading.

Second, offer Ladder options, with up to 1500% payout rates!

Educational Tools

Along with their wide range of educational tools and support; such as free e-books, free binary option strategies, graphing guides and analysis, free binary options market reports and newsfeeds, courses and tutorials, Magnum Options also have an expert trading advisers and educational team. This dedicated team consists of real bilingual trading advisers.

7 Different types of binary options trades

With five unique, specially built trading platforms for each different form of trading, traders can select the one that suits them best.

  1. 60 Second trades – simply place your trade as a call or put option, and the short 60 seconds trade begins. The shortest type of trades in the market nowadays, trying tyo make you faster money than your dayjob will.
  2. Binary Options – this method pays out a redetermined and fixed amount by simply predicting the value of the underling asset: up or down.
  3. One Touch – when the underlying asset reaches the predetermined level the fixed payout. It is as simple as ‘one touch’, hence the name.
  4. Ladder option – they are the best, greatest and most profitable feature. Are you an expert in predicting short term? Get this! It can make you up to 1500% payouts!
  5. Long term options – trade options with even an expiry time of 10 months
  6. Pairs trading – which asset will outperform the other? You decide what to trade.
  7. iFollow – follow the best traders and copy their positions on auto pilot.

No commissions, no intermedairs

Where almost any other binary options broker charges you fees for trading, using their platform or support, don’t charge you for anything.

Online support

This is where this broker really stands out of the crowd: support. We all know how impoortant support is when you are a new customer in this branche of stock trading. Magnum Option have an experienced team of bilingual binary options traders from all different backgrounds to assist you throughout your trading with them.

The rarely seen customer service is going above and beyond what is usually required from each level of account. They offer 24/7 support via phone, email, chat or Skype!

Options expiring every 3 minutes

One of the best features I like about this platform is the convenient range of timings offered. The expiry times for most assets vary depending on which option you trade with, these include 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly, weekly and even monthly.

This counts for all 61 underlying assets the user can trade on.



I trust you understand why they are leading in the Top 10 Binary Option Brokers. Every aspect of Magnum Options website is easy to use with enough explanative information to get you on the path to professional trading, money making, success.

The Website is clean cut and the banking page, account page and demo are straightforward. For the non-English speakers, the fact the site offers display in Italian and German also makes it a highly beneficial and appealing platform for trading.

That in conjunction with their fast withdrawal timing system, superior educational tools and support team which seem to come second to none, among other characteristics, collectively result in a new binary options broker that has mastered the options industry. ->

And even more Magnum Options benefits:

  1. Earn Up to 100% Bonus
  2. 100% web based
  3. No downloads needed
  4. No requirement of previous trading experience
  5. User-friendly interface
  6. Easy deposit and withdrawal methods
  7. 24/7 Live Support
  8. Up to 81% Payouts
  9. 100+ Tradable assets
  10. 10% of the invested amount is paid back even if your option expired out of the money

Yet convinced? To start trading Binary Options today, click here to open an Account.

Magnum Options Review (USA)