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us elections

The electoral system in the US can be a little confusing for non-Americans (and, to be fair, some Americans as well).

The President of the United States is not elected directly by the citizens, but by each state through the Electoral College. It’s not one election; it’s 51 elections (50 states plus the District of Columbia).

Each state has a number of electors depending on population; and the candidate has to win a majority of those electors.

So, while the national polls are a useful guide, in general; who actually wins the election and by how much depends on which states they win. Some states have majorities that make it a sure thing they will vote for a certain candidate. For example, California for the Democrat Candidate, and Oklahoma for the Republican one.

There are states where the electoral results are narrow enough for either candidate to win. These are called either “swing states” or “battleground states”.

These are the ones we want to pay a...

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