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US/China Trade Deal

While the majority of last year’s news-flows was dominated by the US/China trade negotiations, the outbreak of coronavirus in China, which has now spread worldwide, has stolen market attention this year. Understandably, the issue of the US/China trade deal has fallen into the shadows somewhat.

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Coronavirus a Key Theme at G20 Meetings

Speaking this week, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that the outbreak of the virus is not forecast to materially impact the US/China trade deal. However, Mncuhin did acknowledge that this view could shift as more data becomes available in the coming weeks.

The issue of the coronavirus outbreak was a key theme at the G20 meetings held over the weekend in Riyadh. Finance ministers were gathering there for two-day meetings ahead of the full summit which will be held in November.

The US Doesn’t Foresee Any Stalling From Coronavirus (yet)

Speaking with Reuters on the ...

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