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ADX Indicator

FX traders are always on the search to find a tool or a method that could give them an edge in the markets. This is true, not just for the forex markets but also just about any market where one could speculate.

Therefore, the number of various technical trading indicators that one can choose from is tremendous. Among the many technical indicators, a few stand out.

Among these, is the ADX indicator. Known as the Average Directional Index, the ADX is a trend strength indicator. The main purpose of the ADX is to measure the strength of a trend.

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When trading, it can be difficult to say whether the trend will continue or not. Under such circumstances, the ADX is a wonderful indicator that can visually give you some inputs. This, in turn, can be used either in developing a technical trading strategy or just to fine-tune an existing trading system.

Some traders also consider the ADX to be the ultimate trend indicator. The trend, as you m...

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