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Trump Praises Economic Impact of his Presidency

Speaking at the Economic Club of New York yesterday, Trump praised the growth of the US economy.

In the comments made during his speech at the club luncheon, Trump said that we will continue to pursue policies that allow US firms to “compete and win”. Trump highlighted that over the course of his presidency, domestic manufacturers have created 600,000 jobs, while 7 million US citizens have been able to come off food stamps.

Talking to business leaders at the prestigious event, Trump said going forward:

 “We will be pro-growth, pro-American, and more is yet to come…You will see things, even in this room, you will be surprised to see. We have tremendous economic potential.”

More Trump Talk

The comments made were typical of Trump’s infamous style of speech-making, employing casual language and creating some confusion around the stats he cited.

Trump said that over the course of his presidency, the average American worker’s ...

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