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Investor Confidence

The German economic sentiment index, a survey from the ZEW economic institute is due for release today.

Economists forecast that the sentiment could continue its uptrend. After rising 3.1 in April, the forward-looking sentiment index is forecast to tip higher to rise to 5.1 for May.

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The increase in the investor confidence would mark a six consecutive monthly increase after the index plummeted to -24.7 in October last year. The index trends aptly reflect the German GDP growth which was growing at a weaker pace since the second half of last year.

German ZEW
German ZEW Economic Sentiment Index

While the estimates are positive, the question remains whether this positivity will continue.

Growth in the eurozone is forecast to rise during the second half of the year. This is also evident from the fact that various economic indicators point to a modest rebound.

Domestic Factors Add to ...

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