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This week we have a series of important inflation data from major countries across the world.

We’re getting to a critical juncture in the economic recovery from COVID that implies more attention is needed on CPI changes.

As mentioned at the beginning of the crisis, whether or not we are going into an inflationary or deflationary spiral after all the quantitative easing is an open debate. And it’s an important factor for stock markets and currencies.

Central banks around the world will have to adjust their monetary policy towards a more long-term, stable goal beyond emergency measures.

As we get close to the approval of a vaccine (and as cases are spiking again in Europe), central banks are going to assess their rate policies and adjust accordingly.

What’s Going On

Already, the Fed had said they are willing to accept a higher inflation rate in order to keep the stimulus going.

The ECB is evidently considering something similar. Meanwhile, the RBNZ is being serious abou...

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