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When people get interested in trading, there is usually only one reason behind it: money. And there is nothing wrong with that! Trading is a great opportunity to generate an income where you are not paid by the hour but by your performance. And as a swing trader, trading can even become an almost passive income where you only need to put in a few hours every week.

Being motivated by money can be a great driver. However, this can also quickly change into the contrary when a trader approaches his monetary goals from a wrong perspective and forgets about the whole picture.

In this article, we want to highlight some research findings that show that when people view money in the wrong context it can actually harm their trading and, then, we want to help you adopt a healthier relationship with it to set yourself up for success.



If you need money, you won’t get it – research confirmed

When it comes to being driven by money, there are usually two things that happen when a trader has a ...

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