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The awesome oscillator is one of the simplest looking indicators that you can find. It somewhat resembles the MACD (Moving average convergence/divergence) indicator or its nearest cousin, the Accelerator/Decelerator oscillator.

Most of the trading articles focus on the signals generated by the awesome oscillator. Especially the buy and sell signals when the awesome oscillator also called the AO moves up and down across the zero line.

However, there is more to the awesome oscillator than just the simple signals. In order to really take advantage of the awesome oscillator, you need to gain context.

As you will discover, the awesome oscillator was not developed as an individual indicator. It is rather a part of indicators which all form what Bill Williams called, the Chaos Theory.

Bill Williams and Chaos Theory

The awesome oscillator is an indicator that was created by Bill Williams. The indicator was part of the Williams’ Chaos Theory which made use of trading psychology and the fa...

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