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FX traders that can’t identify candle formations or candlestick patterns, fail to understand price action.

Of course, there are many candles formations and patterns to learn. However, there are only a few that carry as  high an accuracy rate as the Cup & Handle pattern does.

The Cup and Handle Pattern is one of the rarest patterns traders can spot. It is also one of the highest probability patterns, and forex traders shouldn’t ignore it!

Once spotted, due to its very rare occurrence, it provides one of the best FX trading opportunities.

What Are The Characteristics Of A C&H Pattern

Just like the name suggests, a completed pattern looks like a cup, with a handle. It is a trend continuation pattern and its formation starts when prices register a fresh high.

The characteristic of its formation and visibility are as follows.

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The Cup

Swing high: After price finds a temporary top, it starts to fall sharply i...

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