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How does trading fit into your overall vision for your life? The beauty of trading is that it can be a vehicle to help you create your dream life vision in so many ways. Trading can be anything. And contrary to what most people believe, it is not necessary that trading just replaces your current day job as another 9 to 5 activity where you are glued to the charts all day long. Let me give you a few examples from real-world cases of traders that I have worked with or talked to.

I met a few doctors which truly love their profession and are not looking to replace their job with the often so lonely career of being an isolated trader who spends most of their time sitting by themselves staring at computer screens. Many doctors expressed the goal of using their trading as a side business which will eventually allow them to build their retirement funds quicker, use the extra funds to outsource some of the unwanted tasks of their doctor business and free up time for other projects that would no...

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