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There are an infinitesimal amount of methods which you can use to technically analyse the FX markets. You can concentrate on one specific time-frame and use a multitude of technical indicators and candlestick price-action, in an attempt to gauge the direction of price. Alternatively, you could use a stripped-down minimalist technique with very few technical indicators on your chart and observe price-action on several time-frames.

There is no right or wrong method of technical-analysis if you can prove that your: method, strategy and edge works. If you’re banking profits continually and in a consistent manner underpinned by a repetitive methodology, then how you have arrived at that situation is irrelevant. There are no text-book proven methods to trade the FX and other markets, strategies are highly personal, if it works for you through all market conditions then carry on. However, there are certain methods that many experienced traders will continually recommend, therefore, o...

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