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analyse stocks

There are, of course, entire books and months-long courses on how to become a stock analyst. But let’s cut through most of the promotional stuff, and have a look at the core tools that will put you on the way to being a pro at stock picking.

The Real Job of a Stock Analyst

When you drill down to the basics, past the fancy suits and piles of numbers, what a stock or financial analyst does is find out something that the market doesn’t know. Market meaning everyone else interested in that particular stock or asset.

Professional market analysts have the time to go through mountains of data looking for patterns that others haven’t noticed. Then, they are able to exploit them before other people catch on and they can’t be as profitable anymore.

How Do You Know Something Other People Don’t?

Basically, there are two ways, and they not only compete with each other, but they are also actively trying to take advantage of the other’s weaknesses. Usually, when yo...

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