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At first glance, the markets are quite chaotic, and certainly very complex.

This seems to be a great fit for applying chaos theory and figuring out a mathematical model to generate good market picks.

Chaos Theory uses cutting-edge science, combined with things like algorithms and artificial intelligence, to generate forecasts.

Yet… there isn’t a single billionaire who has gotten away with applying Chaos Theory to the markets. In fact, mathematicians don’t always make the best traders.

So what’s going on?

Unpacking Chaos Theory

Unless you are a theoretical mathematician – and if you are, why are you reading this? – Chaos Theory is one of those things that you probably know about but haven’t thoroughly studied.

That’s fine; it’s not necessary to get a PhD in math to understand the connection (and disconnection) between the theory and the markets. At least beyond superficial explanations that are popular in sci-fi movies.

Basically, Chaos Th...

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