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China's GDP Grow

Early Friday we have an avalanche of data from China, all of which is potentially market-moving. Some of it can have far-reaching effects for markets all over the world. Even though it’s coming out in the relatively quieter Asian session, we could still have a substantial increase in volatility. This could influence traders when they come to their desks at the European and US open.

The most important data is likely to be China’s Q3 GDP. The latest optimism about US-China talks started after the last quarter had already finished. There is a pretty strong consensus that this will be the worst quarter for China in nearly ten years. But there might be some cause for optimism from some of the other data that covers only last month.

All the data comes out at the same time.


The consensus of projections for China’s quarterly GDP is that it grew 1.5% in the last quarter. This is a decline from 1.6% prior. By itself, this isn’t all that different from recent results....

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