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Bill Gates Covid19

It turns out that Bill Gates has quite a bit of involvement in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Which doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been following his activities since he dramatically scaled back his participation in Microsoft and focused on his life as a billionaire.

Combine a global pandemic with the man who’s topped the list of wealthiest people in the world for nearly three decades, and you’re bound to find some “interesting” theories about Bill Gates, Coronavirus (and 5G) on the internet.

Like most such idle social media musings, there are some grains of truth and some interesting backstories.

Where it Started

Bill Gates was (indirectly) involved in the COVID-19 outbreak even before it had hit the news. Even before we had a name for it, as a matter of fact.

The novel coronavirus was isolated in late December, 2019, and obtained by investigators at the Charité Hospital in Berlin. They then developed the first scale-replicable test in the world, w...

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