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In the upcoming Asian session, we have the release of labor statistics from Australia. This includes the unemployment rate and employment change.

The release of the RBA minutes earlier in the week took a decidedly dovish turn. Following that, the hope for better Aussie data now has to turn to March employment data. The idea is that this month, there is the potential of recovering somewhat from last month’s somewhat dismal results.

What does this mean for the markets? Well, this is the last major data for Australia ahead of the extended holiday. So, we should probably pay extra attention to what the results may mean this time around.

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Schedule and Expectations

All the employment data comes out at the same time at 03:30 CET (which is the day before at 21:30 EST.) And it’s the employment change number that gets the market’s attention.

The consensus among economists is that Australia added 20.6K jobs ...

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