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I have been on this earth for a bit more than 30 years now. I have lived through many ups and downs, and also some monotony (which is the worst, really). For the past 10 years, I have experimented with all kinds of techniques, philosophies, dogmas, whatever promised me the things I wanted. Some of those experiments were helpful, some of them not at all, at least not for me.

As I did with my trading strategy, I took the parts that I found most useful, and carefully put them together, piece by piece, until I arrived at what is my life philosophy today. The last year was the most successful of my life, financially and personally. I was happy, truly happy, and I expect this year, 2018, to be even better.

A life plan is always evolving, always morphing, just like a trading plan. With new information, personal developments, new skills and so on, new opportunities open up while old opportunities become routine, or even disappear. That is simply how life works.

I don’t want to sound presump...

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