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Today’s online binary options trader has an arsenal of tools and indicators that make it easier to predict asset price movements and profit from them. Many trading platforms provide these tools and indicators for free.
When applied correctly, technical indicators and tools will make it easier to spot profitable trends. In turn, you will be able to enter and exit profitable trades more often.

There are many different technical indicators to choose from. One of the popular and easy to use is the Bollinger band.

What is the Bollinger band indicator?

This is a trend indicator. It includes a Bollinger chart which is divided by 3 lines. These lines cover about 95% of an asset’s price movements. So you’ll rarely find the price moving above the upper line or below the lower line in the chart. However, if it does, you can easily capitalize on the price movement and make huge profits. The width between the upper and lower line is taken to be a representation of the price deviation from the base ...

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