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Challenges Persist for the Dollar

The US index continued its fall yesterday. It closed under 93 for a fourth consecutive day.

Increased doubts about the durability of America’s economic recovery assisted the decline.

In addition, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on lawmakers back in session. Democrats are concerned the Trump Administration is trying to undermine the USPS ahead of the November election.

Record GDP Slump Fails to Decelerate the Euro

The euro benefitted on a weaker greenback, closing 0.25% higher on Monday.

This came even though the GDP of the eurozone suffered a record fall of 12.1% in Q2. As a result, the EURUSD pair reached the 1.19 level.

UK Optimistic Over Brussel Talks

The pound closed 0.10% above the US dollar yesterday for the third successive day.

Downing Street declared its intention of a trade deal with the EU by next month. This buoyed investor sentiment towards the pound.

EU and UK Brexit negotiators will meet in Brussels today. The stumbling blocks includ...

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