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The yellow metal was higher this week, driven by a surge in safe-haven demand as rising fears over the health of the US/China trade negotiations saw equities heavily lower. News that the US had passed legislation offering support to the pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong was met with fury by China.

China had previously warned the US not to get involved in the situation. While Trump had done his best to stay neutral, he was eventually forced to support the bill under rising political pressure. China immediately postponed a US naval visit. Reports also circulated saying that trade talks had broken down. Equities prices around the globe were quickly lower. Losses increased on news that China was considering banning US diplomatic passport holders from traveling there.

Into the middle of the week, however, the situation appeared to calm down as China reassured markets that talks were continuing. China does, however, continue to insist that the US remove existing tariffs in order for...

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