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gold drops

Dollar Keeps Its Handle

The US Index closed positively for the 4th day in a row as continued talks of a stimulus package remain hopeful.

The dollar is reacting to the strong producer price index data from the US yesterday. This comes in addition to the news that Russia has tested a new coronavirus vaccine.

The USDJPY pair closed higher 0.21% on the Tuesday trading session. This is thanks to risk sentiment shifting from the beginning of the week due to a strong dollar.

Eurozone Positive but US Dollar Still Weigh In

EURUSD closed indecisively yesterday. However, it still maintains its ascendancy over the euro from last week.

German and eurozone recovery prospects improved in August according to the latest ZEW survey.

Positive sentiment remained as experts revised estimations of their GDP forecast for the eurozone to -8.6% from -12%.

Concerns Mount Up for the Pound

The pound fell 0.17% yesterday as UK employment sees the largest quarterly fall in a decade. Employment numbers were concerni...

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