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Global equity markets were cheered overnight, as news filtered down that the USA government had avoided an upcoming shutdown, after a budget was agreed by congress for border security. The agreed congress funding of $1.4b for border security, falls far short of the $5.7b of funding Trump wanted approved, to specifically build his infamous wall, between Mexico and the USA. Naturally, Trump will attempt to save face, by claiming the wall will still be built, but the important issue is that government employees will not suffer any further gaps in wages, in the near future.

The next issue equity investors and FX traders hope will be resolved amicably, involves the negotiations between the USA and Chinese delegations, to avoid tariffs on up to $200b of Chinese imports, being raised from 15% to 25% by March 2nd. News emerged via the Trump administration, that the U.S. President is now keen to meet with China’s leader Xi as soon as possible. By 9:00am U.K. time, futures markets for USA indice...

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