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German ZEW

Tomorrow we could get some extra volatility in Euro pairs with the release of key sentiment data from both Germany and the eurozone. Both figures come out at the same time. The market typically focuses on the largest economy in Europe. After risk sentiment getting a boost from Thursday’s ECB meeting, the question is whether that will continue.

The ZEW conducted their survey of major German and European firms in the lead-up the ECB decision. It’s too soon to see an effect from the policy changes in the central bank, of course. But given how strong the consensus was that some kind of easing would be in the offing, German businesses could have had a substantial improvement in their outlook, the portion of the survey that was most negative.

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What We are Looking For

The market usually cares most about the ZEW Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI). This measures expectations for the next six months. The...

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