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china q1 gdp

This is it! This is the moment many have been waiting for since China said they’d managed to control the COVID-19 outbreak and would start reopening the economy.

How much of an impact did the outbreak have on the world’s second-largest economy?

Well, we’ll get a really good idea of that tomorrow.

Chinese GDP data is not just relevant to its major trade partners this time around. Analysts are trying to figure out how much impact the COVID-19 outbreak will have on world economies. So, they will be interested in using the Chinese figures to get a general idea of the effects of lockdowns.

Expectations are for China’s impact from the virus to have been less than in other countries. This is given their relative number of cases and the fact that an important part of their economy still continued through the outbreak.

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There is a universal consensus that GDP figure will be the worst result in...

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